Become a VIP Member of BlockQuake Exchange by Purchasing QuakeCoin Tokens  

You are invited to an exclusive offering providing you with Lifetime Membership to BlockQuake Exchange allowing you to trade for FREE on the relaunched SPOT exchange and future Derivatives platform.  

Earn additional QuakeCoin tokens for purchasing early; up to 25% in bonus tokens. Refer your friends and earn an additional 5% in QuakeCoin tokens.

QuakeCoin is the loyalty token of BlockQuake Exchange

A minimum purchase of $100 USD of QuakeCoin tokens provides you with:

  • Lifetime Membership to BlockQuake Exchange (limited to the first one million people purchasing QuakeCoin tokens)*
    • No trading fees on your first $100,000 USD in annual trading**
      • Includes all Crypto to crypto and Fiat to crypto pairings

* Lifetime Membership is only available to purchasers on

** Trading Fee Discounts for higher volume based traders exceeding $100,000 USD annually (i.e. institutional and family offices plus high frequency retail traders)

QuakeCoin tokens offer holders many benefits including Lifetime Membership (i.e. free trading) on BlockQuake Exchange to early purchasers

Additional benefits available to all QuakeCoin purchasers

  • Participation in Referral and Bounty Programs
  • Exclusive access to BlockQuake projects including:
    • A future NFT Marketplace
      • Discover digital masterpieces by established artists, animators & storytellers
      • Buy, sell, and showcase NFTs from leading creators and brands
      • Access NFT airdrops
    • Participation in future staking or yield opportunities
    • Community members may be able to vote on charitable initiatives to assist areas in crisis needing immediate assistance
    • Plus much more

Accessing BlockQuake Exchange is Fast, Easy and Secure

  • Make deposits in Crypto or USD Fiat
    • Upcoming Fiat onramps for 2023 include:
    • Deposit support using your Debit/Credit card
      • Instant Buy/Sell coming no later than Q1 2023
  • Trade the most popular Cryptos against each other and Fiat currencies
    • Over 100 trading pairs supported during 2023:
      • Growing to over 250 trading pairs by Q3 2023
    • Liquidity and trade fulfillment supported for every trade size via partnerships with top market makers
  • User login and asset withdrawals will have front and back-end technology providing security
    • 2FA will enable front-end security
    • MPC technology will protect back-end or wallet infrastructure:
      • Institutional grade security and assets safeguarded by BNY Mellon & Fidelity backed Fireblocks
  • Liveness checks to safeguard your assets upon account creation and withdrawals
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