QuakeCoin powered by BlockQuake to Change the World

As QuakeCoin grows in utility around the world, BlockQuake serves as a secure, transparent and cost effective network through which individuals and organizations can distribute help to others.  Our plans are to support local communities as BlockQuake grows exponentially by giving back.  QuakeCoin tokens have been earmarked for this endeavor and your support in purchasing QuakeCoin goes a long way in assisting BlockQuake to achieve its charitable plans.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BlockQuake is the corporation powering QuakeCoin and it has a corporate social responsibility in bettering the lives of its community members domestically and internationally.  Many of BlockQuake founders are faith based individuals who understand the importance of giving back to the community and improving the lives of those living in the communities.  “..To whom much is given, much will be required…”  (Luke 12:48).

International Aid

QuakeCoin powered by BlockQuake vows to reach all corners of the globe. As a blockchain based digital asset, QuakeCoin provides a complete end-to-end ecosystem through which aid can be delivered. This ensures delivery to the intended recipients, with a fully auditable financial trail, complete with oversight and performance guarantees.

Charity & Foundation

BlockQuake will form a Foundation to administer its charitable plans to uplift and empower the vulnerable via an allocation of QuakeCoin tokens.  This course of action will assist in reducing operational costs, providing transparency for auditing and impact measurement of the Foundation, allowing more money/other resources to go to those who need it most.


QuakeCoin holders will have Community Empowerment and voting power to decide which communities/charities tokens are donated too.  The BlockQuake team can suggest communities/regions impacted by Natural Disasters (i.e. Earthquakes, Typhoons, etc.) that are in need for holders to vote on.  Tokens can also be reserved to incentivize communities globally in establishing BlockQuake Academies (i.e. branch offices) to provide clothing, food, education, school supplies, training, etc.  


To further the above, we plan on having mobile food trucks  travel in various countries (i.e. India, Nigeria, The Philippine’s, etc.)  to provide a bottle of water and a sandwich to local communities.  During this time, BlockQuake team members may assist people and provide blockchain education and training trading.  In some cases, tokens may also be granted to communities and/or awarded based on competitions like a Hackathon. 

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